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Malaysian’s Sensitivities. A Foreigner’s Guide? Sensitiviti rakyat Malaysia? Panduan untuk Pelawat Asing?





Malaysians are sensitive like the plant called Mimosa. They curled and closed up so fast the moment something touches them.

(Rakyat Malaysia adalah sensitive umpama tumbahan Mimosa. Ia mengerekot dan menutup dengan cepat apabila disentuhi.)


Malaysians are also sensitive like a woman scorned. Say anything right or wrong and wait for her to unleash the storm.

(Rakyat Malaysia juga seumpama wanita dihina. Cakap betul ke salah tetap kena belasah umpama menunggu angin ribut.)


So, if you are a foreign visitor to Malaysia, please be aware of the following, else you may be charged under the Internal Security Act or Sedition Act or maybe get whacked or maybe get a cold reception.

(Jika anda seorang pelawat asing ke Malaysia, kenalah prihatin, silap-silap terkena dakwaan di bawah ISA atau Akta Hasutan atau kena tumbuk atau mendapat reaksi dingin.)


1.         Do not talk anything about Pigs or Dogs or Cows or Snakes.

            (Jangan bercakap apa-apa berkenaan Babi atau Anjing atau Lembu atau Ular.)


2.         Do not talk anything about Mongolia, Israel or Singapore.

            (Jangan bercakap berkenaan Mongolia, Israel atau Singapura.)


3.         Do not talk anything about C4.

            (Jangan bercakap berkenaan C4.)


4.         Do not talk anything about Sodomy.

            (Jangan bercakap berkenaan Liwat.)


5.         Do not talk anything about Religion.

            (Jangan bercakap berkenaan Ugama.)


6.         Do not talk anything about God.

            (Jangan bercakap berkenaan Tuhan.)


7.         Do not talk anything about Bumiputera or Race.

            (Jangan bercakap berkenaan Bumiputera atau Bangsa.)


8.         Do not talk anything about OSA or Sedition Act.

            (Jangan bercakap berkenaan OSA atau Akta Hasutan.)


9.         Do not talk anything about sleeping.

            (Jangan bercakap berkenaan tidur.)


10.       Do not talk anything about oil.

            (Jangan bercakap berkenaan minyak.)


11.       Do not talk anything about any sound or prayers you hear.

            (Jangan bercakap berkenaan bunyi atau sembahyang yang kedengaran.)


12.       Do not talk anything about the Bar Council.

            (Jangan bercakap berkenaan Majlis Peguam.)


13.       Do not talk anything about the latest world fashions.

            (Jangan bercakap berkenaan fesyen dunia terkini.)


14.       Do not talk anything about the latest world singers.

            (Jangan bercakap berkenaan penyanyi dunia terkini.)


15.       Do not talk anything about the latest novels.

            (Jangan bercakap berkenaan novel terkini.)


16.       Do not talk anything about the latest music.

            (Jangan bercakap berkenaan muzik terkini.)


17.       Do not talk anything about the best universities.

            (Jangan bercakap berkenaan universiti terbaik.)


18.       Do not talk anything about local universities.

            (Jangan bercakap berkenaan universiti tempatan.)


19.       Do not talk anything about keris or songkok.

            (Jangan bercakap berkenaan keris atau songkok.)


20.       Do not talk anything about Mat Rempits, Ah Longs or Transvestites.

            (Jangan bercakap berkenaan Mat Rempit, Ah Long atau Pondan.)


21.       Do not talk anything about tolls, electricity or water.

            (Jangan bercakap berkenaan tol, elektrik atau air.)


22.       Do not talk anything about prices of cars, education, sin or not sin taxes.

            (Jangan bercakap berkenaan harga kereta, pendidikan, cukai haram atau tidak haram.)


23.       Do not talk anything about Press Freedom.

            (Jangan bercakap berkenaan Kebebasan Akhbar.)


24.       Do not talk anything about Past Malaysian History.

            (Jangan bercakap berkenaan Sejarah Malaysia Lampau.)


25.       Do not talk anything about The Malaysian Constitution.

            (Jangan bercakap berkenaan Perlembagaan Malaysia.)


In short, when visiting Malaysia, pretend to be Malaysians, be dumb and deaf and don’t even think because a lot of people can read your mind and know ahead what you are thinking or planning to do.

(Secara ringkasnya, apabila melawat Malaysia, berpura-pura jadi rakyat Malaysia yang bisu dan pekak dan jangan sekali-sekali fikir kerana ramai orang boleh membaca minda dan ketahui apa yang difikirkan atau dirancang oleh anda.)


If you are the type who just need to talk, just talk about the weather only in Malaysia and anything else critical of any other country except Malaysia. Don’t even wish anybody, else you may be seen offending someone’s religion.

(Jika anda jenis yang suka bercakap, cakap sahaja tentang cuaca di Malaysia dan benda-benda lain yang mengkritik Negara lain kecuali Malaysia.)


Just enjoy the scenery and pay as you go along. Better still, get an Electronic Payment Toll Card and you don’t even have to talk to anyone.

(Nikmatilah pemandangan sekeliling dan bayarlah semasa merayau-rayau. Seeloknya dapatkan Kad Bayar Tol Elektronik dan anda tidak perlu bercakap dengan sesiapa pun.)


Racism to Satanism (Sifat Perkauman kepada Sifat Setan)



1.         If anyone thinks as a Malaysian at heart you will never support any of the current political parties who speaks only about championing or protecting their own race and religious interests. Whether it comes from UMNO, PAS, MCA, MIC, PKR, Gerakan, HINDRAF, PBS, DAP, PPP or whatever new name,  it’s called racism and whoever supports that party is called a racist. It is no different from apartheid. It dirties and poisons your soul.

2.         Those who are racists but speak with a fork tongue (Jeyklls), hiding it behind other causes like religion, meritocracy, education, poverty, social reengineering, ethnic rights etc are even worse than self declared racists and can only fit into the category of Satans.

3.         Malaysian racists and the MSN have corrupted the following words which meant differently in other countries example – nationalism, patriotism, royalists, freedom, liberty, corruption, democracy, humanity etc.

4.         Power, Greed, Selfishness and Racism rule in Malaysia and now we include Satanism.

(Versi Bahasa Melayu)

1.         Jika sesiapa memikir sebagai rakyat Malaysia di hati, anda tidak akan menyokong parti-parti politik sekarang yang cuma bercakap tentang ketuanan atau pembelaan bangsa dan kepercayaan ugama mereka sendiri. Samada ia datang daripada UMNO, PAS, MCA, MIC, PKR, Gerakan, HINDRAF, PBS, DAP, PPP atau sebarang nama baru, itulah maksud perkauman  dan sesiapa yang menyokong parti tersebut dipanggil seorang rasis. Ia tidak berbedza sangat dengan aparteid. Ia mencemarkan dan meracuni jiwa anda.

2.         Mereka yang rasis tetapi bercakap dengan lidah bercabang (Jeyklls) dengan menyembunyikan di belakang alasan ugama, meritokrasi, pendidikan, kemiskinan, kerombakkan social, kepentingan pribumi dsbnya adalah lebih teruk dari seorang rasis yang diketahui umum dan harus dikategorikan sebagai  Setan.

3.         Rakyat Malaysia yang rasis dan MSN telah mencemarkan perkataan-perkataan yang memberi maksud lain di negara-negara asing seperti – nasionalisme, patriotisme, penyokong Raja, kebebasan, kemerdekaan, korupsi, demokrasi, perikemanusiaan dsbnya.

4.         Kuasa, Tamak, Kepentingan diri dan Sifat Perkauman bermaharajalela di Malaysia dan sekarang kita memasukkan Sifat Setan.     

Subsidy Mentality (Wake-up Call)

Malaysians woke up this morning and found subsidy for petrol almost gone. No mood for breakfast also, and then have to start counting whether household budget for this month can balance or not with this increase. For those who have savings every month, maybe the savings will be less now. For those who cannot balance the budget every month and cannot even have savings, it is a nightmare. Now, what to do?  Is it going to get worse? You bet, it will. It’s only a matter of time with the world prices for natural fuel and commodities going up. Can it go down? Less than 30% chance. Slowly but surely, your nightmare must multiply by 3X with the rest of other things associated going up.

           What is subsidy defined in Malaysia? You hear it everywhere and basically it means if can, can get free or not? This subsidy mentality affects everyone. Rich or poor, bumi or non-bumi, west or east Malaysians, BN or PR.  These subsidies mentality are more prevalent among members of the political parties who deem it a right once they are in power. What was once given before, it becomes very hard to take away or reduce. It is the same with scholarships, house discounts, taxes, projects, privatization, licenses, fertilizers, fishing boats, school fees, books, land tax, speeding fines, etc,etc

         Forget about all the hoo hah on Social Re-engineering, NEP, bumi or non-bumi etc. It is all political talk only to gain power and get subsidy of one kind or another. Most of these subsidies if quantified into RM will end up in whose pockets? Make a guess? I’ll help you. Normal subsidies given to citizens is chicken feed compared to what is given  to party members or families or friends. When we discuss about fuel or commodities, Malaysia is actually, a very rich country, you know. We export oil and have so much natural resources. Problem is, how to distribute it equally among the various types of subsidies and to whom it should be given.

      So, we have to live with it, ya. What to do? We ask for it. Yes, I repeat again. We ask for it. Always with a subsidy mentality. Want everthing easy. Don’t want to be competitive. Katak bawah tempurong. Don’t want to compete and know how the world is changing. Keep on quarrelling among ourselves, who gets the best subsidy. Keep on politicking and championing who has got more rights. I think, in the end whoever won,  will end up ruling another Zimbabwe.

Multiracial Jekylls and Hydes



 Politiking is a game not for the faint hearted in Malaysia. Why? Because if you are an ordinary Malaysian wither whatever colours and beliefs, you’ll get nowhere trying to understand what all the politicians and so called leaders are trying to make you believe. Because in our midst lies Malays, Chinese, Indians, Punjabis, Bengalis, Ceylonese, Ibans, Kadazans, Muruts, Babas, Eurasians, Kopi-susu, Teh-susu, Kopi-kau  Bumiputera, Non-Bumiputera, Moslems, Christians, Buddhists, Taoists, Hindus, Sikhism, Bahais etc  who are liars, hypocrites, selfish, lords, bigots, greedy, corrupt, racists, evil, yes-men, close one-eye and any other stronger terms associated with it is all there. In Malaysia, those people are also called snakes or ular and it is definitely not only represented by one colour or belief.

     Out of 36 millions Malaysians and we have to have such politicians and so called leaders who ended up making policies and laws for us to follow. Where or where are those Malaysians who are born righteous, patriotic, selfless, caring, fair, loving, intelligent, kind, understanding, with principles and beliefs, tolerant, colourless, and  humane and serve us with just a simple thought of making us Malaysians proud to call them our leaders to serve us and make this land a joy to live in together and a showcase to the world whatever it is called either the best Moslem or Multi Religious country, Tanah Melayu, Malaya, Sabah, Sarawak, Borneo, Malaysia, ASEAN, or Asia.

    Of course, we have been lucky and should be grateful to live in this beautiful country where there are not so much natural disasters and is full of natural resources. We are fortunate that we do not have leaders who go the extreme of Hitler, Mao, Pol Pot, Mugabe, Milosevic, Suharto, Marcos, Kim,Jong IL and other despots.  We are also fortunate we don’t have leaders who ask us to go to war whether within or without our country against fellow human beings. Lest we forget,  we do have people who have suffered because of bad policies and governance, greed and corruption,  power and racism, bigotry and self-righteousness.

       Many of us are just plain citizens who only wish that their generations to follow continue to live a life of peace and harmony with leaders who are righteous, just and caring. We also want our citizens to survive better not just in Malaysia but also in this world. Isn’t that what everyone wants for themselves and their generations to follow?

      In Malaysia, because of politicking, we have leaders and followers who are Jekylls and Hydes. How come that it always ended up with them telling us what we should have and is good for us (since it never ever ended up the way we want) when it should be us telling them what we  earnestly want of them,  if we believe in them. We can never know who amongst Malaysians are Jekylls and who are Hydes. A person’s character is always a first good guide and with  the person’s past history, perhaps, perhaps then, we can find a jewel amongst us all, to lead us on.

Citizen Letter to Tun Dr Mahathir


 You have written another beautiful article on racism after my last comment on The Criminalization of War. But, but why must you end it comparing who is racist? What are you expecting Malaysians and the world audience to think and say?


  To be a great world leader, it is for the citizens, then the world audience and their leaders to acknowledge. To judge another racist or corrupt or fair minded or great is also for the majority to judge over time on your deeds, actions, words and character. There is never a need to say out aloud nor trumpet our own achievements to be acknowledged as a great leader.

   History have shown who are great world leaders. More recently they are Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, Mother Teresa and Martin Luther King. Further back in time, most of them I can remember are the Prophets  or those humans who have brought great knowledge and peace to the world.

 There are also people who also claim to be great world leaders ie. Hitler, Pol Pot, Mao Tze Tung, Fidel Castro, Suharto, Marcos, Mugabe, George Bush, Eihud, Osama etc etc. Most of them who claim themselves as world leaders are acknowledged by the world for the things and deeds they have done not over  1 day, 1 week, 1 month or 1 year but over the years of their lives. The most evil man in any country who is supported by their own citizens or parties only can also lay claim to be a great world leader. Whether such support is by subjugation, corruption or self aggrandizement thru control of their own publishing medias or rewriting their own history books is never lasting. The truth comes out in the end, hopefully,  sometimes only after their death and all the self acclamations turns into a subject of ridicule, mockery and shame.

     True great world leaders are not necessary intellectuals, politicians or leaders who have great power. They all have something in common. They spread things which we all humankinds share in mind and spirit  and have great joy in. They spread peace, justice, knowledge, love, compassion, humility and possess great characters which any loving parents would want their own children to possess.

     With a population of 7 billion around the world of which Malaysia has 27 million, to be one great world leader to be admired is a monumental task. Back home it is much easier. Malaysia has so many problems that can be solved if only we throw out racism, greed, power, lordship, corruption and hate. Ask any Malaysian now, our parents, children and grandchildren and the one most loved will still be Tunku Abdul Rahman and it will still be only him at the way things are still going. Not only because he is Bapa Kemerdekaan but more because people can see thru his character that he possess some of the attributes great world leaders have.

     Is it so difficult to throw out all those evils? Another 50 years from now, what kind of world or country do you think our children or grandchildren should live in. What sort of knowledge or character do they need to have to survive and prosper? Can Malaysia be a model country for others? Can Malaysia lead in Asean, Asia or the world with the type of citizens we now have. Malaysia cannot even unite it’s own citizens what more to preach to others. Forget all those tourism adverts. It makes us fools when our blogs and newspapers goes around the world.

   Dear Tun. You are gifted with more intelligence and knowledge than most people I know or read about. You can read what humans (good or bad) want and cherish.  Choose how you want to be remembered first by your citizens and perhaps the rest of the world will follow us. Let us the citizens and our generation to follow determine how you should be remembered by.

    I congratulate Tun on your 1 miilion hits. That means it is easier to reach out to people unlike the old days. Time is still on your side until the day it is taken away by (God, Tuhan, Allah) and it beats any other medium of spreading your future messages.

My First Post

Today, I just have to start my first blog. Why? Just contribute some of my thoughts to Malaysians. Hopefully, I can share my thoughts and at the same time understand what a Malaysian is and what we can make of this beautiful country.



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