Citizen Letter to Tun Dr Mahathir


 You have written another beautiful article on racism after my last comment on The Criminalization of War. But, but why must you end it comparing who is racist? What are you expecting Malaysians and the world audience to think and say?


  To be a great world leader, it is for the citizens, then the world audience and their leaders to acknowledge. To judge another racist or corrupt or fair minded or great is also for the majority to judge over time on your deeds, actions, words and character. There is never a need to say out aloud nor trumpet our own achievements to be acknowledged as a great leader.

   History have shown who are great world leaders. More recently they are Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, Mother Teresa and Martin Luther King. Further back in time, most of them I can remember are the Prophets  or those humans who have brought great knowledge and peace to the world.

 There are also people who also claim to be great world leaders ie. Hitler, Pol Pot, Mao Tze Tung, Fidel Castro, Suharto, Marcos, Mugabe, George Bush, Eihud, Osama etc etc. Most of them who claim themselves as world leaders are acknowledged by the world for the things and deeds they have done not over  1 day, 1 week, 1 month or 1 year but over the years of their lives. The most evil man in any country who is supported by their own citizens or parties only can also lay claim to be a great world leader. Whether such support is by subjugation, corruption or self aggrandizement thru control of their own publishing medias or rewriting their own history books is never lasting. The truth comes out in the end, hopefully,  sometimes only after their death and all the self acclamations turns into a subject of ridicule, mockery and shame.

     True great world leaders are not necessary intellectuals, politicians or leaders who have great power. They all have something in common. They spread things which we all humankinds share in mind and spirit  and have great joy in. They spread peace, justice, knowledge, love, compassion, humility and possess great characters which any loving parents would want their own children to possess.

     With a population of 7 billion around the world of which Malaysia has 27 million, to be one great world leader to be admired is a monumental task. Back home it is much easier. Malaysia has so many problems that can be solved if only we throw out racism, greed, power, lordship, corruption and hate. Ask any Malaysian now, our parents, children and grandchildren and the one most loved will still be Tunku Abdul Rahman and it will still be only him at the way things are still going. Not only because he is Bapa Kemerdekaan but more because people can see thru his character that he possess some of the attributes great world leaders have.

     Is it so difficult to throw out all those evils? Another 50 years from now, what kind of world or country do you think our children or grandchildren should live in. What sort of knowledge or character do they need to have to survive and prosper? Can Malaysia be a model country for others? Can Malaysia lead in Asean, Asia or the world with the type of citizens we now have. Malaysia cannot even unite it’s own citizens what more to preach to others. Forget all those tourism adverts. It makes us fools when our blogs and newspapers goes around the world.

   Dear Tun. You are gifted with more intelligence and knowledge than most people I know or read about. You can read what humans (good or bad) want and cherish.  Choose how you want to be remembered first by your citizens and perhaps the rest of the world will follow us. Let us the citizens and our generation to follow determine how you should be remembered by.

    I congratulate Tun on your 1 miilion hits. That means it is easier to reach out to people unlike the old days. Time is still on your side until the day it is taken away by (God, Tuhan, Allah) and it beats any other medium of spreading your future messages.


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